• You order a report from us.
  • We contact you back for further information as soon as possible.
  • We run the requested information.
  • We send the report back to you by email within 24 hours in most cases
  • That's it.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to use the information in a lawful manner.   Any consequences that may arise from misuse of any or all of the information on the reports obtained by the purchaser are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.   Criminal activity will be reported to the proper authorities.


This service is a very popular item.  Before you date that person, before let that person into your life, you need to have them checked out.  Is this person who they say they are? The only way to have some peace of mind is to check them out discreetly and thoroughly.  We'll check for professional licenses and business relationships. This report includes national criminal records, evictions, and sex offender searches.  You get a very detailed report with tons of information.

 Price: $99.00


Includes all the benefits and features of the STANDARD BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION above.  This report goes more in depth and utilizes the  multi- database technique  to acquire all the information required.  If you require a very complete report this service is for you.  A great value.

Price: $150.00


This service can help you determine if that new employee your considering hiring is the right person for your company.  Does he/she have the high standards that your looking for?  He/she seems to be a perfect fit for your team.  On the other hand, has he/she been totally truthful on his resume or application?  Has he/she left out important information on purpose?  Unless you check them out thoroughly it may cost you later on down the road.  Every year millions of dollars are lost to theft and training spent on the wrong candidate. This report can used for hiring caregivers, very important to your loved one's safety and well being.   We check for previous employment and education. We run several levels of criminal and civil records searches.  Check for professional licenses.  Liens, bankruptcies, and judgment searches are included.

Price: $135.00


This service can help you identify bad tenants before you rent to them.  Bad tenants can cost apartment manager's and landlord's lots oftime and money by not paying their bills, destruction of property and countless other liabilities. Don't make your good tenants pay for the deadbeats.  This report is a great tool for checking out current or potential roommates.  We check for any previous addresses, landlords & roommates are revealed. We look for civil court records for judgments and complaints. We search national and state criminal records databases, evictions databases, and sex offender databases.

Price: $99.00


Designed to locate a hard to find person.  Multi-database techniques are employed in this search.   We check and cross check all possible database records available to us to make sure we can locate and ID the subject.   This report can reveal past addresses, properties owned, relatives, neighbors, associates and if the subject is deceased.  We check to see if the subject has used other Social Security numbers before.  The possibilities may  be endless with this report

Price: $79.00


This investigative report  consists of identity verification and searches through several databases.  Federal, state and local records are searched.  National Dept. of Corrections search is conducted.  Address history is checked. Felonies, misdemeanors, arrests, warrants and countless other information is included in this report.   Please note that manual courthouse searches (by hand) may take several days to return information.  An in depth criminal background investigative report is essential in today's crazy and unstable world.

Price: $95.00


Usually used to collect information of a person's real property, such as land, vehicles, homes, boats, planes, etc.  Report can reveal deed transfers, business ownership, and some bank information.  Use this report before you file suit on an individual to reveal what he or she owns.  If the person doesn't have anything, why waste your time and money in court.  We check for assets like land, homes, automobiles, boats, and aircraft. Family members are revealed and listed. Deed transfer records are searched. Business assets may be discovered in UCC (Universal Commercial Code) filings. 

 Price: $140.00


The best way to learn the full picture of an individual and exhaust all possible venues.  Four levels of criminal records are searched.  We check for felonies, misdemeanors. any federal crimes, along with state and local searches. We look for law suits, bankruptcies, liens, evictions, judgement's, etc.  We search for DUI's or DWI's, along with any arrests and warrants.  This is just a very small list of items that may be revealed on this report.  We check personal Information, Identity verification, business association, professional Information, professional verification,  financial Information, civil court records and criminal court records.  You get tons of information, worth every penny. 

Price: $250.00


Gives you the inside scoop on a particular business.  Maybe your considering a professional relationship with a corporation as an investor or partner?  Learn all you need to know about the person running the business.  Learn about creditworthiness, learn about any lawsuits, liens, judgement's and bankruptcies. Learn about the owners with four levels of criminal background checks.  Learn how this business has been running and how they may operate in the future.  We check for professional Information, business associations, personal Information, identity verification, financial information, civil court records and criminal court records. 

Price: $125.00


When you need to check an individual's credit record to gain insight into credit and payment habits and history . The major credit bureaus  reports provide current and previous work history, collections, public records, child support history &  inquiry history information.  Please make sure you have a signed release form from the person authorizing the release of this information.  You must provide ATIR with a copy of this authorization or we cannot run this report. no exceptions. 

Price: $85.00


This service will locate bank accounts, trusts, financial institutions and more for companies and individuals.  Attorney's, law firms, private investigators, corporations, landlords and collection agencies can use this valuable service.  This service is primarily used for civil judgments, but can be used for other investigative purposes. We will look nationwide for major banks, local banks, credit unions and most online banks.  All searches are conducted in compliance with state and federal (GLBA) laws, no exceptions.

In order to use this exclusive service you must contact us directly for more confidential information.  Please use the SERVICE REQUEST FROM down below, select BANK SEARCH for further details.

Price: Contact Us


Do you have a note to sell?  We buy real estate notes for cash.  We buy 1st position, performing notes.  Single family homes, mobile homes w/land, vacant land, commercial, mixed use.  We can quote you a price in 24 hours or less.   We pay all closings costs.  For  more information please use the SERVICE REQUEST FORM below to get the process rolling.  This service is free and we promise no high pressure tactics to sell to us.  

Price: Free

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Need more information before you order any of the above reports?  Please use the SERVICE REQUEST FORM.  Once we review the request we will contact you back within 24 hours, usually much less to discuss your needs.  This consultation is FREE.

All payments are processed through PayPal.  Please note that ATIR never has access to your payment information, ever.

You hear it all the time and they all say they will NEVER EVER sell, rent or give your information out to anyone.  Bullshit!  A large percentage of internet companies cannot resist the $$ from outside companies who harvest user information for advertising purposes.  Unfortunately some use and sell the information on the DARK WEB.  They sell your information to the highest bidder, no matter what the final purpose is.  In our case, we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT now, nor will we ever let any third party have your information. 


 -  We can furnish sample reports upon request.  This will give you an idea of what is included in the reports and help you decide if it fits your needs.  

 -  All reports are confidential and the subject of your report will never know.  We deal only with the person requesting the report(s), no one else.  The professional relationship between you and us is sacred.

 -  Turn around time is usually within 24 hours, usually  much less.  County hand searches for criminal or civil recordsmay take longer, as long as several days.  All reports are delivered via email.

-Credit reports require a release by the person being investigated and is usually used in employment or renter purposes.

-If your trying to locate a person in the military we can help and usually it will not cost you anything.  We're support our Veterans.

-While we do not investigate adoptions, we can help point you in the right direction.  Usually doing a informed search on your own before you employ an agency can help you save a considerable amount of time and money.  

-For complaints please use the "Contact Us" form. 

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